Thursday, January 22, 2009

Butterfly in pink

This pretty butterfly was done as a project for an online watercolor group. I really like how it turned out. I wish the true colors show, because it looks much better IRL!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little begger

Work in progress. I still have a lot to do on this, but it's good to see it online. This is from a photo of a little squirrel I call Sadie begging for peanuts

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Next watercolor?

I love this photo. I took it last spring at the Bellevue botanical garden. My next watercolor?


My brand new grandson. I am not an accomplished portrait painter, but I just had to try this one. Although I don't like the background, I just love this little face. He is one cute baby.

Ocean Worshiper


Little birdie I did for a group project. He looks better IRL.

Robin Batik

This in another batik. This robin was fun to do. I love the eye. He seems to be looking right at you.

Singing snowman

This little whimsical snowman is such a fun piece - I am thinking of having my grandkids do one each. I can just imagine how much fun they would have with him. He is 8x10" on Arches 140# cold press.


This image is from an online group I belong to WCW. I wanted to use it for Xmas cards, but I didn't like the outcome. The sky is too dark, but I will do this one over for sure, because the 3 camels are so wonderful

Batik elephant

This big guy was done using a new technique for me called Batik. The paper is Rives, which is thinner than watercolor paper, but can stand the trauma of the color pencil, being dipped in the water, wadded up into a ball, ironed and then watercolor as the last step. This technique is perfect for elephants because they are naturally wrinkled. I will keep trying this because the outcome is always a surprise. You never know.

Peppermint candy

Peppermint candy WIP. I am not finished with this painting, but I wanted to see how it looks on the net. I love doing this kind of thing, but I got a little lost on the third candy. Will finish and repost.

This painting is from a group called "Ocean worshipers". Its a group on the wevsite I draw and paint. This painting is 1/4 sheet Arches 140# cold press. The scan looks much darker than IRL. I love the canoers and water. I think the sky is too dark. The water is great.

Beautiful Boy

This flamingo was fun. The image is from a photo on Wet canvas. It is all about the "eye". Birds are my favorite thing to paint, and I just might try this one again, in larger format.